The Gold Standard for Chlorine Dioxide Sanitation in Dairy

GO2 greatly enhances milk production and dairy cow health. Somatic cell count in milk showed a decrease of 40-50%, resulting in improved profits for producers.

GO2 is liquid CLO2 produced from two simple powders combined into ordinary tap water to produce a 4,000 ppm concentrate. Combination of the separate components in tap water produces a 95.0+% pure CLO2 solution on-site.

The concentrate is then simply dosed into the target water using an inexpensive dosing pump to produce safe, disinfected water. No investment in special equipment is necessary and no change to infrastructure is required to use GO2. No special training is needed to use the product.

One gallon of GO2 at 4,000 ppm concentration and a dosage rate of 0.1 ppm will disinfect 40,000 gallons of drinking water!

Typical Installation of a GO2 dosing station

Sprinkler Pen Application

Drop Hose Application
Results of injecting GO2 thru the drop hoses for one week

Before Setup

1 Week Later
Drop Hoses - Sprinkler Pens - Barn Pressure Washing - Calf Hutches - Calf Bottles

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